Ready cycles


The Beginner’s Steroid Cycle is an exclusive and fully ready-to-use steroid bundle designed for athletes with little or no experience of using AAC.


  • ” Turanabol” (240 tab.) – the most effective and safer conditionally tableted steroid for increasing lean muscle tissue of all, which may be recommended for beginners. Has excellent tolerance and an extremely low likelihood of developing any side effects.
  • ” Strombafort” (240 tab.) – effective oral ” Stanozolol “, which is well suited for drying purposes, helps to burn fat, remove excess water from the body, increase speed-strength data, increase the stiffness and hardness of muscle definition (relief) … This steroid cycle is “included” in order to make the accumulated mass as “dry” as possible.
  • ” Clomid” (30 tab.) Is a classic antiestrogen on the basis of which post-cycle rehabilitation therapy is carried out after the abolition of all steroids.

Both main steroids included in the composition have the ability to suppress the level of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). In practice, this makes it possible to achieve a higher bioavailability of these and other AACs and to increase the level of free testosterone in blood plasma.

The described bundle of anabolic steroids, as the name itself suggests, and as already mentioned above, is optimal for those athletes who have minimal or no experience of using steroids. The cycle is quite simple in terms of its application and is based on the criteria of maximum safety and effectiveness.

The goal of a steroid cycle for a beginner is to build up lean muscle tissue, strength and endurance, with minimal post-cycle “kickback”, water retention and manifestations of various kinds of side complications.

Beginner Cycle: Positive Effects

  • growth of high-quality (“dry”) muscles – up to 5-8 kg of muscle weight per cycle
  • tangible increase in strength and endurance
  • strengthening the processes of fat burning and muscle relief
  • increase in free testosterone levels
  • no need for injecting drugs
  • lack of aromatization
  • minimal risk of adverse reactions, “flooding” with water and “rollback” after the cycle

Beginner Cycle: Applications and Other Recommendations

Cycle duration: 9 weeks (3 weeks for PCT)


Turinabol and Stanozolol are taken in 4 tablets daily (40mg). The daily dosage is divided into several doses (2-3). From the second week until the end of the cycle, drugs are taken at 5 tablets per day. Aromatase inhibitors are not needed.

Post-cycle therapy

PCT begins immediately after the end of the cycle and lasts 3 weeks. Clomid is taken 2 tablets per day (100mg) in the first week, then one tablet (50mg) in the second week. And another week, 25 mg per day (half a tablet).



The steroid cycle for mass is a highly effective and exclusive combination of anabolic steroids aimed at an intense increase in muscle mass and strength of the athlete.


All steroids “included” in this cycle are produced by the reputable and advanced brand of sports pharmacology :

  • ” Testosterone Enanthate ” (7 ampoules) – one of the long acting esters of testosterone , the most frequently used in “solo” cycles at increasing muscle mass and strength.
  • ” Parabolan ” (15 ampoules) – the most prolonged ester most powerful anabolic steroid – ” trenbolone “. In sports slang it is known as “trenbolone hexa”. Even when used alone, it provides phenomenal gains in muscle mass and strength.
  • ” Strombafort ” (180 tab.) – an oral version of stanozolol , which as part of this cycle is needed in order to balance it as much as possible, minimize the likelihood of side effects and increase its overall performance.
  • ” Anastrozole ” (20 tab.) And ” Clomid ” (40 tab.) – aromatase inhibitor and antiestrogen. The first is necessary for the prevention of estrogen-related side effects, and the second for proper post-cycle therapy after the abolition of all anabolic drugs.

This steroid cycle is mainly designed for athletes with an average and high experience of using anabolic steroids. However, with strict and strict adherence to all instructions, it can also be used by less experienced athletes.

The aim of this cycle is high-intensity muscle growth, with an increase in predominantly “dry” muscles, with minimal water accumulation, utilization of adipose tissue and the formation of a beautiful muscle relief.

The composition of stanozolol (Strombafort) allows you to moderately suppress the conversion of testosterone enanthate to estrogens, as well as level the progestogenic activity of trenbolone, thereby actually reducing the risk of possible side reactions, and increasing the bioavailability and effectiveness of the entire cycle as a whole.

Mass cycle: the main effects you can count on

  • intensification of the growth rate of lean muscle mass – up to 10-15 kg per cycle with a slight “rollback” and fluid accumulations; a
    strong increase in strength and endurance
  • accelerated utilization of subcutaneous fat
  • increased production of IGF-1 and growth hormone in the body
  • better and faster recovery after training
  • increased desire to exercise and muscle fullness
  • normalization of joint mobility and protection of the musculoskeletal system from injuries
  • increased libido and good mood

Mass cycle: application and other recommendations

Cycle duration: 11 weeks (of which 4 weeks are reserved for PCT)


  • Testosterone Enanthate: 250mg (ampoule) per week – 7 weeks.
  • Parabolan: every 4 days 1 ampoule (100mg) – 7 weeks
  • Stanozolol: 4 tablets daily (40mg) for seven weeks. The dosage should be divided into 2-3 doses with an interval of 3 hours.
  • Anastrozole (as needed): every 4 days, half a tablet starting from the second week of the cycle.

Post-cycle rehabilitation therapy

Post-cycle therapy should be started 5-7 days after the end of stanozolol intake and continued for 4 weeks. Clomid is taken for the first 2 weeks at 100-150 mg daily (2-3 tablets), then for 2 weeks – at 50 mg daily (1 tablet).



Safe cycle is an exclusive combination of anabolic steroid drugs prepared for use, selected on the principle of minimal risk of side reactions and high efficiency.


All components that make up a safe steroid cycle are produced by the advanced sports pharmacology:

  • ” Testosterone propionate ” (13 vials) – the shortest testosterone ester. It is famous for its versatility in application and relatively low risk of any “side effects”. Minimally retains water in the body and gives an increase in lean muscles.
  • ” Primobol ” (24 capsules) – one of the less “problematic” and safe steroid used in bodybuilding.
  • ” Oxandrolone ” (120 tab.) – Another very high quality steroid, characterized by excellent tolerance.
  • ” Danabol ” (120 tab.) – a well-known steroid (more popular under the name ” Methane “) for the rapid growth of mass and strength.
  • ” Anastrozole ” (20 tab.) – an aromatase blocker required for the prevention of estrogen-associated adverse reactions (gynecomastia, etc.).
  • ” Clomid ” (20 tab.) – a classic antiestrogenic drug for post-cycle therapy .

Who is the safe cycle for and what is its purpose?

The described combination, despite the large number of steroids included in its composition, is very good for athletes with no experience of using AAC (beginners) or with minimal availability. The drugs included in this bundle have good compatibility and interact well with each other.

The goal of a safe cycle is a significant increase in lean muscles, strength and endurance, with minimal water retention, and manifestations of any side reactions and complications of a different nature.

Safe cycle of steroids: effects and results

  • an increase in the volume of lean muscle mass – the increase can be up to 10-15 kg
  • significant increase in strength and endurance
  • activation of burning of subcutaneous fat and improvement of muscle definition
  • no water accumulation and minimal rollback after steroid withdrawal
  • low risk of developing “side effects”, excellent tolerance, compatibility and interaction of all components
  • improvement of the condition of the articular-ligamentous and bone apparatus
  • increased secretion of growth hormone , IGF-1 and tissue sensitivity to insulin

Safe cycle of steroids: application and recommendations

Cycle duration: 11 weeks (four of them are allocated for post-cycle therapy)

Dosages and use of drugs

  • Propionate: 50mg every other day (half ampoule) – 7 weeks
  • Primobol: 200mg every third day (2 ampoules) – 5 weeks
  • Danabol: 4 tablets daily (40mg) – 4 weeks
  • Oxandrolone: ​​6 tablets daily (60mg) – from the 4th to the end of the 7th week
  • Anastrozole: half a tablet every 4 days from the beginning to the end of the cycle

Post-cycle rehabilitation therapy

Clomid should be started 3 days after discontinuation of all drugs and should be used for 4 consecutive weeks. The first week – 2 tablets (100mg) daily, the next 2 weeks for the 1st (50mg), and another week for half a tablet (25mg).