Our store is open to any cooperation!
If you have any suggestions or questions – write to e-mail or Telegram.

  • Dropshipping

    If you want to send orders for dropshipping through our store – we are ready to cooperate and are ready to provide you with good permanent discounts on all products of 20-30% for the entire range, depending on the volume of orders.
    For our part, we guarantee fast delivery of quality products without any designation or advertising of our store.

  • Placing your products on our website

    If you are a manufacturer or an official representative of the AAS brand, peptides and other products related to the store’s theme, then we will consider your proposal for cooperation with you.

  • Sponsoring athletes

    We are also ready to consider the option of sponsoring athletes with products in exchange for advertising a store.

  • Other options for cooperation

    In addition to the agreed options, we are open to other options.