Oral Steroids

Oral Steroids


Oral AAS are a group of anabolic steroids that come in pill form and are taken orally.

In essence, “pills” (also “capsules”) are one of the two main dosage forms in which anabolic steroids are produced, and most often it is opposed to injectable steroids.

Steroids available in tablet (or capsule) format for oral administration are very popular with beginners who have no experience in sports pharmacology. Novice “chemists” for the most part do not like to give injections, even despite their seemingly obvious advantages. Nevertheless, advanced amateurs and “pros” also use tablets in their sports practice, because for one reason or another.

Traditional oral anabolic steroids are:

  • Methandienone
  • Turinabol
  • Stanozolol
  • Oxandrolone
  • Oxymetalon

Some AAS are mixed drugs in terms of their dosage form. This is especially true for such a steroid as “Stanozolol”, which is available in both dosage forms (injectable ” suspension of stanozolol ” is more often called ” Winstrol “). In the same vein, you can distinguish the tableted “Primobolan” (” Methenolone “) and methane for injection (its traditional form is tablets).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tableted Anabolic Steroids

Negative effects on liver function

If we talk about the “weaknesses” of the tableted AAC, then indeed, the first “number” and the main complaint to them will be precisely hepatotoxicity (toxic effect on the liver). As a general rule, pill steroids have a higher degree of toxicity than injectable steroids – this is a fact. But this rule is very conditional and there are some “exceptions” and “reservations” in it.

The effect of tabletted steroid drugs on the liver is primarily due to the presence of a 17-alpha-alkyl group in their molecular structure. This is a prerequisite for an orally administered steroid to be resistant to degradation by gastric and hepatic enzymes, and then “pass” through hepatic filtration and gastrointestinal tract without being “destroyed” before entering the bloodstream. Otherwise, it will lose its anabolic properties and will simply be excreted from the body in the form of side metabolites and waste.

At the same time, there are tablets of AAC that are absolutely harmless to the liver (for example, tableted “methenolone” (Primobolan)). Most of them are characterized by a very moderate or even “weak” effect on the liver (“Turik”, “Oxandrolone”, “Anapolon”).

Moreover, as practice shows, if all the necessary recommendations for the correct organization of the course are followed , in particular with regard to adherence to reasonable (“safe”) dosages and cycle duration, the liver function and the level of its enzymes are practically not disturbed, and quickly returns to natural “pre-course »Indicators. Of course, this applies to people without obvious or latent pathologies (diseases) of the liver.

Oral AAS are better for beginners

Injectable steroids in general are really safer and more effective than pills, but mainly taking into account the fact that you, as an athlete, already have a certain experience of using anabolic steroids, and you know how your body reacts to the introduction of a particular steroid, or you can predict such a reaction. On the other hand, if an athlete (regardless of the level of sports readiness) uses sports pharmacology for the first time and has no practical experience in this matter, he may not imagine at all or only assume how his body will react to such drugs. And if you look at this question from this angle, then pill steroids acquire a clear advantage over injectable ones.

The thing is that during the course, the athlete may experience side reactions of a different nature, including individual intolerance and allergic reactions. Often they are eliminated by stopping the intake of the “stimulus drug” (if it is not possible to do it in another way). Oral steroids have a short period of complete elimination from the body (no more than 12-24 hours), while even the “shortest” esters and aqueous solutions for injections may take a minimum of 1-3 days to completely eliminate their metabolites from the body.

But in fairness, we note that the development of complications and side effects (if we do not take into account allergic reactions and individual immunity) is more often associated with improper use of steroids, overdosing or low quality of the drug (due to the fault of one or another manufacturer).

Fast results

Oral steroids enter the bloodstream rather quickly after their use – often, even after the very first dose, the athlete is guaranteed to feel the effect after a few hours, while injectable steroids take longer to fully “turn on” the work.

Convenience and simplicity of reception and storage

The most obvious benefit, of course, is the ease of handling and storage of the AAC tablets. To take them, you only need a glass of water and the pills themselves, and they can be stored in almost any place convenient for you in the apartment. Moreover, they can be easily carried with you.

In the case of injectable AAS, things can get a little more complicated. Ampoules and vials with contents may require special storage conditions (at a certain temperature, and so on), they are completely inconvenient to carry with you. To perform the injections themselves, outside help may be required, however, injections of certain drugs can be painful and required quite often (up to “daily”).

Yet, both the disadvantages and advantages of both forms of steroids are very relative. The “gold” standard for advanced athletes is the combination of both oral and injectable drugs, which allows you to get maximum results with a minimum of side effects. Moreover, there are AAS, which have only one dosage form, and here you don’t have to choose if you need just such a steroid.


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