Injectable Steroids

Injectable Steroids


Injectable AAC (IP) is a group of anabolic steroids that are administered to the body through intramuscular injections.

In other words, such steroids enter the athlete’s body through an injection. Injectable steroids are inherently considered one of the AAC dosage forms and are often opposed to oral (tablet) steroids.

As a rule, the lion’s share of IP is produced in the form of oily (ether) solutions for intramuscular administration, and less often in the form of aqueous solutions (suspensions). The esterification procedure (the attachment of a molecule of a drug to a certain ester) allows you to regulate the rate of its release into the bloodstream. This is how “long” (prolonged) and “short” steroids are created.

Traditional injectable anabolic steroids are:

  • Testosterone esters : ” propionate “, ” phenylpropionate “, ” enanthate “, ” cypionate “
  • Testosterone suspension (“Aquatest”)
  • Sustanon (or ” Omnadren “)
  • Nandrolone (Deca) : ” decanoate ” and ” phenylpropionate “
  • Boldenone ( Equipoise )
  • Trenbolone : ” acetate “, ” enanthate “, ” hexahydrobenzyl carbonate ” (” hexa “) and ” mixture of trenbolone esters “
  • Masteron (” Drostanolone Propionate “)

You should also highlight such drugs as ” Stanozolol ” and Primobolan “(” Methenolone “). They are available both in tablet format and in the form of injection solutions. The injectable form of stanozolol is usually called ” Winstrol ” and less often “stanozolol suspension”. Some manufacturers ignore this convention and may refer to both forms of stanozolol. Also, the injectable form of such a traditional oral steroid as Methane , which, among other things, is on sale, has a certain popularity .

Benefits of injectable steroids

Minimal liver toxicity

Tableted steroids are “blamed” mainly for their hepatotoxicity (toxic effects on the liver). This is often the main argument “against” them. The biggest advantage of injectable steroids is considered their insignificant effect on liver function and the level of its enzymes, since they are immediately “absorbed” into the blood from the injection site after administration. However, not everything is so simple.

Oral AAC toxicity is primarily associated with 17-alpha alkylation. It is this circumstance that allows them to “pass through the liver” without destroying the active substance. Nevertheless, the same tableted “Primobolan” is not characterized by toxicity to the liver at all. At the same time, the “suspension of stanozolol” (winstrol), on the contrary, has the same toxicity as oral “stanozolol” (since both forms are identically alkylated at 17-alpha). With the rest of the drugs, everything largely depends on the dosages used. But in general, IPs are less hepatotoxic than pill steroids, and this is a fact.

Higher bioavailability

Oral steroids will pass through the liver’s “filters” before entering the bloodstream. After passing through all these biochemical processes, part of the active substance will inevitably be destroyed. Therefore, in this case, the method of administering the steroid into the body strongly “plays” for the benefit of IP, which, after the injection, immediately enter the bloodstream, bypassing the liver, and accordingly do not destroy or lose their bioavailability. This allows the body to use them more “rationally”.

Prolonged action

Another plus, albeit very conditional, can be called the duration of action of injectable steroids, although to a greater extent this is true for “prolonged” (“long”) esters, which, after intramuscular injection, seem to create a “depot” and are “absorbed” into the bloodstream from several days to several weeks in a row.

This makes it possible to ensure a stable flow of the active substance into the blood on an “even background”, as opposed to the tablets, which need to be consumed every day (and even several times a day), since they are rapidly metabolized and excreted from the body. To be fair, it should be noted that some IPs may also require daily administration during the course (suspension of testosterone and stanozolol (Winstrol), testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, masteron).

Disadvantages of injectable AAC

In reality, there are not so many of them, and those that exist are largely related to the very method of their introduction into the body. The injections will not be to the liking of those athletes who are afraid, or simply do not want to give injections, because they are unpleasant for them (this is especially true for novice “chemists”). At the same time, injections of individual AACs can be especially painful and unpleasant, and as noted above, depending on the chosen steroid, they sometimes have to be done at rather high frequency (up to daily injections).

However, the benefits of injectable anabolic steroids still outweigh their conventional drawbacks that you can live with. Experienced athletes and “pros” often prefer to do combined cycles with the “inclusion” of both forms of steroid in their courses.


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