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First of all, each athlete must personally answer the question of how much he really needs to use steroids. Is it time for such a “step”, and is the athlete ready for this not only in the physical aspect, but also in the moral one – or is it still better to wait? If you do everything correctly and correctly, then you will most likely want to repeat the course of steroids in the future, because, having familiarized yourself with the positive aspects of taking steroids in practice, it will be difficult to resist this temptation in the future.

If you are definitely convinced that you are ready for this morally and psychologically, and your health does not interfere with you, if you are already approaching your own “genetic ceiling” in terms of the development of sports performance, have learned to eat right, exercise competently, fully rest and recover – you can start learning the basics in relation to the use of steroids. Often, some people, and sometimes athletes, consider anabolic steroids and specialized sports nutrition (supplements) to be of equal value. If you agree with this point of view, then taking steroids, with a high degree of probability, is still too early for you to start.

So, the key recommendations for preparing for the steroid cycle

From “simple” to “complex”

Do not try to “invent” complex steroid combinations of several AACs yourself for your first steroid cycle. The best solution would be the shortest and most monosyllabic cycle – the minimum recommended dosages and one drug. For beginners, this is the best formula. These can be: Turinabol , Boldenone , Testosterone Propionate (for building dry muscles) or Primobolan, Masteron, Oxandrolone (for drying purposes). On the “clean” body of an athlete who has never used steroids, any of them will provide high returns even when used in minimal dosages.

Know in advance about the potential side effects

You will need to carefully study the information regarding the steroid from which (or from which) your course will consist. You have to guess what side reactions are possible, how to avoid them and cope with them if they do appear. For example, if you chose “Sustanon” for the first course, then you know or will learn that it is characterized by conversion into estrogen (aromatization), which in the long term can lead to gynecomastia and other estrogen-associated “side effects”. Considering the need for prevention of aromatization, you should buy aromatase inhibitors ( Anastrozole , Letrozole , etc.) in advance .

If you decide to take a risk and use especially strong steroids, which are often categorically not recommended for beginners (for example, ” Nandrolone ” (Deca) or ” Trenbolones “) – during the course a problem with increased prolactin may appear. It will be necessary to fight this by taking the drug Dostinex . In this case, one should not let go of the liver, cardiac system, etc.

The right choice of steroids for your goals

In addition to what we have already announced above, all steroid drugs you use must meet the tasks and goals that you want to achieve as a result of the steroid cycle. If it is difficult for you to make the best choice, then its decision should be entrusted to more experienced specialists in these matters. For example, in our online store you can buy ready-made steroid courses to solve the problems you need .

Proper diet and proper rest

If you dare to carry out a steroid course, then for the duration of this, including the period of PCT (post-cycle rehabilitation therapy) – Your whole life should be built around training, rest from training and nutrition for training. This is the only way to get the most out of steroids and to justify their use as much as possible, the time and money spent. It is important that you always have the opportunity to eat, rest and exercise. Without these moments, nothing will work.

Only illiterate and very naive people who do not understand the essence of things, in all seriousness, can argue that the use of steroids cancels the responsibility of the athlete to train hard, follow the correct diet and recover normally. During the cycle, the importance of nutrition, exercise and rest is even more relevant than with “natural” training.


During the course, control of analyzes will be required both before, during and after the end of the steroid cycle. The main ones may be:

  • LH and FSH
  • Total and free testosterone
  • Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
  • Prolactin and Estrogens
  • ALT and AST, Cholesterol

They are handed over before the start of the cycle, and then compared with the indicators on the cycle and after its end. If it is difficult to independently interpret (understand) the test indicators, it is advisable to consult a specialist (among doctors, an endocrinologist).

Correct completion of the steroid cycle

The importance of post-course therapy by beginners is often underestimated. And its real value may not be lower than the steroid cycle itself. First of all, correct and competent PCT is a factor that positively affects the consolidation of the results obtained during the course. Also, proper recovery is simply important for your health and the normal functioning of the body. Therefore, a good course should always be followed by competent restorative therapy.

It should also be noted that the final results of the course will not least depend on the genetic data that your body possesses, diet and rest. It is important how effectively you build the training process.