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Even novice athletes who have just started to show interest in the topic of anabolic steroids probably know that there are two basic dosage forms of steroids, namely pills and intramuscular injections. But not everyone knows about the strengths and weaknesses of both these forms. In this article, we will briefly talk about them.

Tableted steroids

Since it is expected that most of the newbies will prefer the tablet preparations directly when planning the “first” steroid course , since they are very easy to use, we will start with them.

If we take into account not the trade name of this or that AAC, but look at its active ingredient, then there are not so many tableted steroids, but there
will be plenty to choose from .

Often the following are used from AAC tableted:

  • Methane  (Methandienone)
  • Turinabol
  • Oxymetalon (Anapolon)
  • Oxandrolone
  • Stanozolol (Winstrol)

These are time-tested and very high quality steroids, each of which is effective when used as directed. Some of these steroids have an analogue in the injectable format. All these steroids are characterized by resistance to destruction during the passage of the liver, and this is the main reason for their toxicity to the liver.

Conclusion on oral steroids

  • Each drug in this group is more or less characterized by hepatotoxicity (adverse effect on the liver), which is generally higher than that of injectable drugs
  • Oral steroids quickly enter the bloodstream and begin to act, and then also leave the body, as a result of which the so-called “steroid pits” can occur – these are sharp jumps in the content of the active substance in the blood serum
  • Oral medications require regular use, which should be frequent, which may not be very practical and convenient in daily use

The unambiguous advantages of such a group of steroids include the fact that tablet drugs are more difficult to detect on anti-doping tests, and they are easier to take when it comes to beginners who usually do not want to resort to injections. If necessary, oral steroids can always be stopped almost immediately, but most injectable steroids will work for at least a day after administration, and sometimes up to 10-21 days.

Injectable steroid drugs

Running a little ahead of ourselves, we note that many pros (and experienced amateurs, as well) give their preference to injectable forms of sports pharmacology, using tableted steroids if necessary or as a “supplement”. Of course, everything here is also individual, and there are often cases when even professional athletes, for a number of reasons, use tablet preparations. In general, injectable steroids are always opposed to pills, acting as their antipode. The choice of injectable steroids is somewhat wider than that of oral drugs. They are produced in vial and ampoule formats.

Injectable steroids are available as oily solutions (called “esters”) and less commonly as aqueous solutions (called “suspensions”). As examples of the former, testosterone esters (” enanthate “, ” propionate “, ” Sustanon “) can be called , and the second drugs are ” Aquatest ” or ” Winstrol “. Let’s pay special attention to growth hormones and gonadotropin , which are produced in powder format, which requires a special dilution before use by using a special liquid (bactericidal water, etc.). They are not considered steroids.

The presence of a “long” ether chain in some steroids allows them to be released into the bloodstream for a long time (prolonged), as a result of which one injection can give up to 21 days of action. For example, ” testosterone cypionate ” or ” nandrolone decanoate “.

If a manufacturer values ​​their reputation, then they often use a high quality type of “pure” oil, which will provide the desired effect without causing irritation and allergic reactions. Both injectable and oral steroids must undergo special cleaning of by-products so that the body can better tolerate them, as well as to minimize allergic reactions and a good therapeutic effect. This approach is considered the global pharmaceutical standard.

Conclusion on injectable steroids

  • They can be both comfortable and uncomfortable, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. For those who are too afraid of injections, this is rather inconvenient, but if you can “step over” yourself, then even “short” steroids will not have to be administered more than once a day. Tablets or capsules will have to be taken regularly, several times during the day. When using prolonged steroids, injections may not be needed at all more than once every 4-7 days.
  • The intake of the active substance of an injectable steroid is more stable and uniform in comparison with tablets
  • Little or no effect on liver function
  • Easier to detect on doping tests

Both forms of steroids have strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the best solution would be a competent and thoughtful combination.